Welcome to my new blog, Modern Makeover.  This blog has been created to bring you tips to dress for success in modern business.  I plan to cover everything from proper clothing to workplace etiquette.  Would you like to make a suggestion or participate in the discussion board?  Leave a comment below.

Allow me to recommend a few articles that can to start our Modern Makeover.

Grammer Gaffes Invade the Office at an Age of Informal Email, Texting and Twitter

Is There Really a Glass Ceiling for Women?

Attitude in the Workplace

14 Things You Should do at the Start of Every Workday

14 Things You Should do at the End of Every Workday

How to Succeed at Working from Home

Peggy Post on Workplace Etiquette

Millennial Anxiety in the Workplace

Meet Yourself Halfway.  Why a 1/2 year check in can spell success in all areas of your life.

Skills and Innovation in Modern Workplaces

Consider yourself more of a visual learner?  Watch these great videos to do your best in modern business.

How to Dress for Success in Business

Social Media Marketing in 3 Minutes

Gen Y Changing the Face of Modern Business

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