7 Secrets to Improving your Resume

Ready to step into the modern workforce?  Before sending out your resume, read the 7 Secrets to Improving your Resume.  These finishing touches will provide a modern twist that will have you dressed for success in no time.

1) Use bullets to improve legibility.  It is important to be concise and to the point on a resume.  The resume should be easy to scan in one minute yet make a lasting impression.

2) Remove clutter, unnecessary words and dates.  This will help improve the clarity of the resume and turn focus towards more pertinent information.

3) Focus on recent work experience.  Save the space for recent and relevant work experience.   The positions listed should show focus on the requirements listed within the job description.

4) Reveal the results.  Show financial results and numbers that are relevant to a specific campaign.

5) Do not show previous salary.  Speaking with a potential employer, this number is always up for negotiation.  Start with a clean slate and show your strengths before discussing a salary.

6) Say no to the type-o!  Ask a friend to read our resume when it is complete.  Look for grammatical errors, changes in tense and any inconsistencies.

7) Save your resume as a pdf.  First impressions mean everything and after spending hours preparing you resume, the last thing we want is for the formatting to change on another computer.

One response to “7 Secrets to Improving your Resume

  1. This post can be beneficial to so many people who are worried about creating an effective resume. Resume’s are important of a persons job search and it is very important that the Resume shows all the important information without any unnecessary information and you have given simple, yet effective information.

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