Foot in the Door: Preparing for the Interview

The resume will help get a foot in the door.  Now it’s time to really dazzle the company. Where do you start?  Let’s start here:  they NEED you.  There is a position open at the company, but it’s up to you to let them know how that void can be filled and beyond.  There are a few tips that can help you dress for success in the interview.  It all begins with being prepared.

The Preparation: When the process begins, do your research.  Start by researching the company.  Familiar yourself with their practices, dress code and the department in which you will be interviewing.  Research the people that work in the department and find an insider to give you some tips about the interview and who may be conducting it.

The Questions:  Research online some typical questions that may be asked for your position and practice for this scenario.  Some sites even offer reviews for certain companies and will give insight into their interview process.  Most importantly, know thyself.  Remember to reference your resume and past work that will relate to this company.

The Interview:  Decide on your outfit the night before and get things in order for the morning.  It is important to have a good nights sleep, so take care of everything that can be done in advance.  In the morning, all that is left is to get dressed, have a good breakfast and review your resume and preparation questions.

The rest is history!  Relax, take a deep breathe and see what you can do for their company.  Find a way to relate to the interviewer.  This helps calm nerves and influence a more fluid conversation.

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