The First Day; A Lasting Impression

Life is full of firsts.  First experiences always have a lasting impression.  The rules must be followed to make a lasting impression as soon as you enter the office. 

1.  Dress for the Job- The secret to dressing appropriately at work?  Dress similarly to your boss or shop at places that they may also enjoy.  It is important to look your best for the first few weeks.  Avoid casual Fridays at all costs.  There may be an opportunity to meet a board member or sit in for a meeting.  Be prepared. 

2.  Take notes-  No one is expected to retain the overwhelming amount of information on the first day at a new company.  This is not only reassuring for yourself, but it will also keep you from asking any repeat questions.  

3.  Interact with Co-Workers- Go out of your way to learn the names of co-workers.  Try to start with those on your team and continue to participate in group activities.  Do not hesitate to ask someone for their name. The introductions tend to blend together and your colleagues will understand.  

4.  Be Proactive- Take initiative with your responsibilities.  if you finish an assignment early, ask if there are any other projects that may need your assistance. It is not expected to blow the assignments out of the part, but there is no need to sit back and wait to be noticed.  

5.  Stay positive- Keep a positive attitude when interacting with new colleagues.  Show your appreciation and give credit to those whom have helped develop new ideas.  As always, it is important to present a positive attitude and be open towards others.  

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