Trending in 2012: Small Businesses

This video is brought to us through Open Forum.  It is a place to stay up to date with business trends and opportunities.  In this video, the top trends for small businesses in 2012 are outlined.  Take a moment to review and make sure your business is open to and utilizing these trends.

5) Internet Video-  Businesses are learning another way to connect with consumers through internet video.  These videos can be informative and talk through buying decisions that a consumer may face.  By producing these videos, your company can have an advantage over competition by showing the simplicity of use, ease of purchase and value added to the consumer.

4) Social Media-  Social media is changing the entire strategy of marketing.  Marketing is now consumer driven because of the power and voice gained with social media.  Consumers have a voice to express their feelings and satisfactions with a product over a quick visit to company pages.

3) Death of 9-5- Workplace habits are transitioning.  The newest generation of workers no longer follow the 9-5 regamine.  In fact, they would prefer to work for a company that offers flexible hours and the opportunity to work from home.  No fear, these employees are connected and will work outside the 9-5 hours.  It is not surprising to receive a work reply from this generation at 2am.

2) Consumer Confidence Rising-  This year, there is a slow and gradual rise in consumer confidence.  Jobs are being added and people are feeling more comfortable in their financial situations.  We are expecting a large increase in sales over the holiday season.  Stock up!

1) Mobile Mania-  Consumers are more connected then ever.  What does this mobile serge signify?  Changing buying habits, increased email marketing and further connectivity through social sites and the Internet.  What does this mean to you?  It’s time to be mobile friendly.  Make sure your website is visible on mobile sites and the phone number is readily available.

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