Team Victory!

Young adults today were raised in an environment where they were praised for all accomplishments while growing up.  The middle school soccer team awarded individual trophies celebrating each child individually.  What does this mean for businesses today?  An extra emphasis must be made on teamwork.  Organizations must now teach individuals the importance of teamwork and celebrate victories as a whole. Wondering where to begin?  it is simple.

First, a company must incorporate teamwork in their culture.  Employees should be notified immediately of the importance of teamwork.  This is best done by including such verbiage in the company mission or goals.  From here, executives will lead by example and celebrate team victories with their employees.  All of these measures must be backed up by one thing.  The performance management system.  Employees should be graded by their ability to work in teams so they are constantly trying to improve.  If there is not a measure on this, employees will tend to slack in the teamwork so they can excel in the items that are measuring performance.

To begin instilling the values of teamwork, use ice breaker games immediately when employees are hired or new teams are formed.  Next, assign the teams real work issues that are to be solved.  This will help the employees begin to work together and naturally assume their roles within the teams.  Hold meetings within the department so managers can see and approve the progress made within the team.  Finally, it is important to publicly celebrate the success of the team.  Host a party or lunch that will boost the teams victory and create a fun environment.

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