Motivation for the Next Generation

What keeps you motivated? Maybe it is a burning desire to be the best, a motivation to learn or even the next pay raise. Learning how to motivate in the workplace is tough. The environment will never be perfect for everyone but employers must keep the workers motivated and continually rising up the ladder. Most employees will strive off of the simple recognition of accomplishment from a superior and this can be taken a long way. Turn yourself into a supreme employer by following these five steps.

1. Recognize exceptional performance by employees and celebrate small goals. By acknowledging a job will done, the employee is motivated to continue this success and look further into the situation at hand. How will they out due themselves next time?

2. Encourage employees to develop certain skills that specialize them in an area. If the employee has an eye for design, encourage them to take a few extra courses on PowerPoint and become a leader of their department for designing PowerPoint presentations.

3. Allow employees independence in decision making. The employee can be given a certain amount of decision making to do in a project. This can be celebrated by the team when success is accomplished.

4. Develop a relationship with management to express any concerns. Allow the employee an open environment to express concerns before they expand into a larger problem. Provide the constructive workplace that all may strive in.

5. Recognize employee and team performances. Celebrate the small steps and accomplishments for both team and individual work. At the end of a project, set goals to improve on the next and challenge the group or employee with an award.

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