Be a Better Boss.

If there is one thing that is true for all managers, it is that there is always room for improvement.  This position is ever changing and evolving so it is important to continue the growth process.  Here are a few tips to keep at the office and continually enhance your managerial skills.

Build a star team.  Select employees that are intelligent and motivated.  It is also encouraged to select employees that are smarter then you or may have extra experience in a certain field.

Be a leader and motivator.  Participate in the everyday accounts that build results.  Encourage others to look into other solutions and fine ways to enhance the end result by being a team player.

Practice ethical management.  Make sure employees know the ethical expectations of the company up front so they are familiar with these terms.  Hold your own and all other superior positions to a high standard and lead by example.

Improve your communication.  Look for ways to better your communication skills. Whether this is through workshops, surveys or work groups.  Encourage others to first speak with you before a problem escalates.  Recognizing this problem from the beginning is the first step to finding a resolution.

Bring fun into the office.  Employees are not as motivated under stress and deadlines.  Find the opportunities to celebrate the small things and lighten up the atmosphere if only for 20 minutes.  A birthday celebration or office prank can be just the break that an employee needs.

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