Communicating with Consumers

As consumer preferences change, so do marketing tactics. For example, newspaper viewership has been decreasing with the availability of online news. This leads to a decrease in marketing in print because consumers are no longer reading the daily paper. As we try look for ways to stay connected there are a few trends that cannot be ignored by businesses.

1) Social Media- consumers are using social media more and more daily. By developing a brand presence on these sites, consumers can like the pages and come and go as they please.

2) Video Content- The increase in videos and belongs are taking consumers away from official sites to learn about a product. Companies must create this type of content that consumers are looking for to make sure the brand is being properly presented and products assembled properly.

3) Online Presence- Gone are the days that the local sandwich shop can get away with a simple listing in the phone book. Companies must create a presence on all outlets that their consumers are using. Survey your audience and learn about their preferences. Establish a presence in the related outlets and make the company available for consumers.

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