How to Pay Less & Dress for Success

     Dressing for success can be taken on with strategy and style.  Want a look that is fresh and stylish?  It can often be accomplished with just a new top or pair of earrings.  Take a look at my top ways to stretch your closet. 

-Know your closet.  Be familiar with the items that you own.  Try new things by buying different colored tops to be paired with some of your favorite items.  

-Spend more on the staples.  Buy the basics for your wardrobe to support a classic look.  These timeless items can be paired with many accessories for a timeless look.  Make sure to own a blazer, pants, skirt in blue and black.  

-Accessorize a classic look.  Take a new spin on an old item.  Pair your favorite skirt with trendy jewelry.  Rotate the classics with new sweaters and trendy tops. 

-Shop discount retailers, outlet malls and online.  Be strategic.  There are many ways to save and buy name brands for less.  Find a local outlet store and stock up on colored blouses and button up tops.  Too busy to take a day for retail?  Shop online!  Search some of your favorite brands for sale items and sign up for email alerts on your favorite brands!  

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