14 “Must-Adapt” Recruiting Techniques for Hiring Millennials

I recently stumbled upon this great article about the ways hiring techniques are going to be changing in the next four years along with their tips on how to keep up.  The findings are summarized below with the full article listed.

TIP #1: Engage in social media.

TIP #2: Put a real name and face behind the corporate social media accounts

TIP #3: Have a “why”

TIP #4: Make sure your website and social identities are up to date

TIP #5: Keep selling your company and follow up

TIP #6: Be respectful of all recruits, including the ones that didn’t make the cut

TIP #7: Recruiters should expect and prepare for repeat business from Millennials

TIP #8: Build relationships with Millennials before they enter the market

TIP #9: Live the company brand and culture

TIP #10: Show what it’s like to work in your office

TIP #11: Accept failure

TIP #12: Offer flexible work options

TIP #13: Offer training in the “cool” offices

TIP #14: Build a community


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