Top Twitter Apps for Recruiting

As we have discussed, modern recruitments methods have taken a social turn.  One large social outlet that is available for recruiters is Twitter.  Here is a list of some top resources for recruiters that are active on Twitter.

1) Tweet my Jobs- The first Twitter page is a group that will tweet jobs for companies.  Small companies can participate in a free option that offers up to 25 job postings and there is also an option for a customized Twitter page for large corporations.

2) TwitJobSearch- This is a site where you can search all job postings made on Twitter.  It is a way to sort through and customize so available job seekers can connect with recruiters.

3) JobVite is a site that both sources and hires jobs.  it has many social connections where it also posts on Twitter to further recruiting efforts.

4) Bullhorn Reach is another recruiting site that is used by large corporations.  Companies such as Nike and EBay use Bullhorn Reach to share their job postings to the social networks.


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